It's a New Dawn!
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Our Operational Mandate
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Meet Our Lead Pastors At Living Faith Church, Ikot Ebido Oku, we propagate the Liberation Mandate with Unflinching authority.
Under tthe Leadership of Pastor Triuphant Obamoh (State/Resident Pastor), Pastor Sunday Sorbari (Asst. Resident Pastor)
and Pst. Essien | Pst. Ogbode (Associate Pastors); men and women are being Schooled into Exploits!

Pst. Triumphant Obamoh
State/Resident Pastor

By divine privilege, Pastor Obamoh is the State Pastor of LFC Wordldwide, Akwa Ibom State.
As the Head Pastor of the State/assembly, he chairs the Church Ministerial Board and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the local assembly.

He is the major person to contact regarding the WSF system, membership welfare maters and more.

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Pst. Sunday Sorbari
Asst. Resident Pastor

Pastor Sunday Sorbari serves as the Assistant Resident Pastor and Vice Chairman of the Church Ministerial Board.
He assists the State Pastor/Resident Pastor in the day-to-day running of the local assembly.

He also oversees the effective supervision of Winners' Satellite Fellowship System; and more. . .

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“The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task.”
- The Mandate (May 02, 1981)

A REAL Winner must . . . Every Real Winneers knows that he or she MUST say YES to each of this church approved ordinances;

Attend The Foundation Class to become Established in the
foundational truths of this Commisision

New converts/First timers d are nurtured and enlightened on the mandate of the church. .

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Be Baptized by Immersion
as proof of our acceptance of the gift of grace offered by Jesus Christ.
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Without any compulsion, a REAL Winnner waits on the Lord in fasting and Prayer

and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the Week of Spiritual Emphasis.

See Prayer and fasting Details
Belong to a SERVICE UNIT where he/She
will serve God acceptably
Join a Unit Today
Attend the WSF Every Saturday
The Winners' Satellite Fellowship (WSF)

is the share and care centre for the winners' family. It is the home church where all winners gather together for a time of fellowship.

Locate your WSF Centere

A REAL Winner will also . . . Get Trained at The Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI); He/She is also a passionate SOUL-WINNER

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MARCH 2020
– 1 Tim. 6:12

Breaking Limits greetings in Jesus’ name.
I believe every member of this Church must have had diverse encounters with the Word all through the month of February; my prayer is that, the impact of everyone’s encounter shall be for life in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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