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Welcome to your Turnaround Era!

With Jesus joy, it is my delightful privilege to welcome you to the Living Faith Church, Ikot Ebido Oku, Uyo website. Your visit with us today is not a mistake or a coincidental click of your mouse. It has been divinely orchestrated because your long awaited turn-around and change of story is finally here. I am persuaded that God has brought you here with a specific purpose in mind; and I know for a truth that the purpose will stand. You are truly in the right place, at the right time, in the midst of the right people. Indeed, you are a RIGHT Person!!!

Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a Winners' Chapel, is a prophetic ministry with a divine mandate to liberate the entire world from all physical and spiritual oppressions of the enemy; through the teachings and preaching of the Word of Faith.

On behalf of the membership and the leadership of this great congregation, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you to come onboard the winning team. Your life is a mystery to be unveiled and your greatness is about to emerge to your world; so come expecting to be launched into realms of exploits, unlimited breakthroughs, dramatic enlargement, provoking testimonies, unspeakable, unimaginable, supernatural; and inexplainable favour because the set time to favour Zion is NOW!

Remain Ever Blessed!

John Adelekan
(State Pastor - Akwa Ibom State)

Looking for a Home Church?

New in Uyo

New in the Uyo metropolis?
Make Winners Chapel your Home Church.

Finding a church can be a difficult, time consuming experience. If you are looking for a family-friendly bible believing church with a liberation mandate, you are in the right place, at the right time; welcome!

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Get Plugged In, Join a Service Unit Today


At Living Faith Church, Ikot Ebido Oku, there is a place for everyone; and diverse opportunities to serve in the house of God. The church has made available several platforms through which members of the church can render their services to God.

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There is Help!

There is Help!

Need Someone to Speak With?

Life happens and when it does, it can be very overwhelming. If you need a compassionate and non-judemental listener, you are most definitely at the right place.

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This Week

At LFC Ikot Ebido Oku, there are a number of programs and events lined up for this week for your spiritual growth and upliftments. With events, special Sunday services, dedications and much more, we want to make sure you plan to be a part of this week's activity.

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Shiloh 2021 runs from Dec. 7th - Dec. 12th, 2021.
Features: Shiloh Prayer Hour (6am-7am daily), Hour of Visitation (7:15am-11:15am daily) Specialized Sessions (1:35pm-3pm daily) Youth Alive Summit (3pm-4:45pm daily)

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Good News

This Week's Announcement

Stay updated with this week's My TURNAROUND announcements for Living Faith Church, Ikot Ebido Oku, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State.
Please click below for details.

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Winners Satellite Fellowship

WSF - The membership identification platform of the church is represented in homes across   Uyo metropolis. All members are expected to actively participate. Please click on the link below to find your Fellowship Cente!
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Sun. 12th December, 2021
Next Sunday, will be another awesome time in God's Presence at Living Faith Church, Ikot Ebido Oku, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State. It will be our
It will be the one service you have been waiting for, for a change of story so come with your heart prepared to meet with God.
We guarantee that you will have a transforming encounter that will turn you into a living wonder. Jesus is Lord!

 See Sunday Service Details!
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August 2021
– Psalm 23:1-6

Turnaround greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Without any doubt, every Winner must have had some definite encounters with the Holy Ghost, through our various services, our personal. . .

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